Hongda Company
Hongda Company, abbreviation for Hongda International Plastics Co., Ltd., locates in the Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone of the Suez Canal, Egypt and adjoins the Suhana Port. In our modern factory of 8,000 m 2 , Hongda has implemented a complete and scientific quality management system. Having accumulated experience of more than 10 years in producing PET packing straps, we are running 8 PET packing strap production lines with a daily output of about 30 tons and a monthly output of about 900 tons. We also offer packing buckles, manual bailing press, pneumatic bailing press, power-operated automatic bailing press, and equipment for producing packing straps. In addition, we introduced an advanced adhesive tape cutting machine to provide transparent adhesive tape in different specifications. At Hongda Company, all products and equipment are produced and sold by us the manufacturer directly at a reasonable price with quality assurance. Customization is available for all specifications. You are welcome to visit our factory and negotiate business with us. Hongda Company survives on quality, develops on innovation, and provides the best service to our customers with an honest attitude, reasonable price, and good reputation.
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